Friday, October 07, 2016

What's The Mood Dude PT.3

The saga / struggle continues!!  Megyn Kelly mentioned Trump and unsafe places!! damn! in these races it can affect the attitude. 

This concept continues!! what can a joker tell me? I'm on these cases!!   damned if I do or don't put it down! beats thump and this good word is dropped but constituents were rude. 

Some even ask, what's the mood dude? it wasn't all love but like Rude Boys some say it's written all over her face. 

Focused, while others multitask!!  they were rude!! said I was snake bitten in the race. 

Some bask in the limelight while per Mr Cole rat race /  dog  eat dog participants  continue to struggle. 

Dude with the mask kept his crimes tight!!  Bobby Caldwell mentioned what some won't do.

*What some won't do for love, they tried everything and they won't give up*

Checked out the slowed and chopped version as others kept working!! they  push and shove for everything per the Isley Brothers Living It Up. 

Or maybe the Ja Rule version!! we kept working  / cold crushing!!  love for the game is shown,  that's the attitude!!

...We answer that question somebody asked;  what's the mood dude?  

Meanwhile over in Decatur old dude knew from the *get go*  things weren't right!!! he fumbled to get to the 38!! while on Panola Rd in Lithonia the young dude in the Cut-Dog aka Cutlass Supreme was rolling on dubs / 26s listening to Shawty Lo.

Shawty Lo Parkway on deck? show respect!  meanwhile over in the Dec aka Decatur somebody stumbled after ear shattering gunshots exploded!! word from a hater?  check the mood / attitude!! like Lil Jon The Eastside Boys and Ying Yang some will get low.

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