Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I'm Back With It, I Wasn't Slack With It PT.2

 It's going down!!  still putting work in!! I'm back with it,  I wasn't slack with it!! check this out!!

It's going down!! others were still putting work in, Wikileaks told us about the CIA keeping track of it, checking it out!!

I'm back with it, rolling down I-20 in Atlanta not wrecking out due to the increased traffic because of the bridge collapse on I-85..

Beats boom in the hooptie as I kept rolling trying to find out where the truth will be; not holding my breath that would cause me to collapse!! so called pundits and experts shuck and jive...

Ignored the Legion of Doom, ignored the drama!! per the Globai War on Terrorism  it goes down from Afghanistan to Yemen to Somalia.

Plots and schemes exposed!!! but politcal and economic crimes were perpetrated by slick Russians and Eastern Europeans, even by cats dressed in Tommy Bahama.

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