Monday, April 10, 2017

Vibrations PT.7 (Still Feeling Them)

 Feeling the vibrations, due to the indications;  business as usual as we deal with disappointment?

Fixed litigations per Neil Gorsuch being sworn in? its business as usual, but we're moving forward,  even after we missed our appointment. 

Mitigating factors? Rush / Hannity or  Neal Boortz-ish types have some flabbergasted / disjointed!! now we're dealing with glitches in the matrix,  plus wounds that were self inflicted!! per Palm Sunday some prayed /  fasted and were anointed with the oil on it!!  new school knowledge? Christians kicked it.

They coined it, but  reality is litigating actors!! some missed it!  the  healing process? they're  in the midst of it /  chilling with it!! but even so called double jointed per the old sister were injured, due to the toil and strife /  dealing with it. 

Oh yes!! Egypt is even dealing with it per Palm Sunday bombings;  check out the technical difficulties and the matrix glitches. 

Listening to DJ Equip Mode's Smooth Jazz Mix; relaxing, due to more stress!!  dealing with these and those like I-85 collapsing bridges.

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