Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Cleaning / Spring Training PT.10

 What's the deal? like Aries season coming to an end,  this spring cleaning / spring training concept comes to a close

Taurus season is here, like baseball, the season is underway, spring training is over with!! plus NBA playoffs are underway!!  some have a reason to play,  but the devil will oppose.

On the case y'all!!  but I strayed off the path!! spring cleaning was interrupted due to the presence of spring showers.

Breaking news!!  it's a rat race y'all /  dog eat dog!! I didn't stray away from that math!!  that's what Mr Cole told me before his final hours. 

Maintaining!!  fireshowers were all around us from North Korean missile launches to random shots heard over here in the hood. 

Maintaining!! the firepower is heavy!! damn!!  I see how some get down, so what's good?

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