Friday, April 21, 2017

The Onslaught PT.6 (It Didn't Quit and Didn't Stop!)

The Onslaught continues!!  jazz,  funk and soul music are on these menus!! in this spiritual warfare?  they're the weapons. 

The Onslaught continues from the opposition!! this is the rebuttal,  no armchair quarterbacks in the huddle rushed by Ray Lewis!!  he even told you about weapons

No weapons formed against us will prosper!! also word from Fred Hammond!!  let the church say amen, then say amen again!!

The Onslaught continues from Champs Elysees in Paris to Seattle to even Arkansas,  somebody better start praying. 

O-Zone? straight outta of Louisville, the city of champions per Muhammad Ali, a rumble in the jungle survivor..

Danger zone business? I dialed Numbers from the the good book!! now the Good Word is dropped, along with the funk similar to Lakeside;  All The Way Live bro!!

O-Zone fumbled / stumbled, but thought and fashion police still  considered him a good crook?  that's the word from the West Coast /  Bay Area to the O-Town and back to the A-Town.

O-Dog? he stayed a step ahead of thought and fashion police as the sound rumbled in the hooptie while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, check out the onslaught!! he took it back to the basics!! ...The Street Funk is like the good herb dude said he had in the hood!! but actually? Intergalactic funk is dropped when we play the sound.

Check out the onslaught!! revolutionary type tactics exhibited when we play the sound?

Check out the onslaught!!  evolutionary process or intelligent design? see how these scientists play around?

God doesn't like ugly per the old sister over in Decatur!! as we get down we launch this onslaught on a hater, it's the Sonic Assault.

It's odd how Bill O'Reilly type episodes play out, check the payout!!   due to systematic procedures my folk continue to stay out!! this is our response to the hell that's caught.

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