Monday, April 24, 2017

The Onslaught PT. 7 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

The Onslaught continues!!!  yesterday? I took a break from it!!  celebrating the Sabbath while writing this. 

Hell was caught like North Korea threatening to sink a US carrier; others were faking the funk / sabotaging operations / inciting this.

What?  they're inciting this Quiet Riot, so I'm playing this like I was in the rock group. 

Cum On Feel The Noize, after some lost their poise!! we're enlightening the masses letting them know the scoop.

Bringing the noise like Public Enemy even though I'm a private entity!! breakbeat Science is dropped just like turds filling up the toilet. 

What's the choice? The Onslaught continues!!!  on this Monday morning? we're breaking minds with these words but thought and fashion police said flush this down the toilet. 

Did I spoil it per this alert? check the Sonic Assault! but like the masses saying  Donald Trump Is Unintelligible they said this message is garbled and incoherent. 

What it do? the soil is fertile,  plus this middle passage descendant protects his aura!! he has a barbed wire fence around it.

What it do? per the onslaught we're dealing with debatable circumstances,  being built or torn down is the question.

Monday motivation needed?  multiple choices on the test,  afterwards we're still second guessing. 

Per Trump's first 100 Days?  voices of those ranting and raving were heard!!  per Paul Millsap the opposition said they're cry babies.

Keeping it 100, check out The Onslaught!! The Saga / Struggle Continues,  but who's understanding one accused of misbehaving? your dude is chilling out down here in  Atlanta, the land of Grady babies

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