Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Full Moon Ruminations)

What's really going on? these I-20 Chronicles are still here!!  these are Full Moon in Libra ruminations.

 I-10 meandering per Houston Chronicle type of situations? please!!  fools swoon per the conservative or liberal illuminations. 

Bannon / Kushner  posturing while back in the day up in Louisville O'Bannon was in the Pontiac Bonnieville Brougham pimping and pandering on a Plan Z strategy!! what's the response to these and those working it all out?

Loud pack / kush posterized per police / press composite sketches? it's not a simple thing!!  press slandering with fake news per Donald Trump when he tries to put the word out?

Not loud with it so they weren't checking for me, no chemicals like Syria but thought and fashion police say this is hazardous material!! that's not a good thing.

Humble, not vain / proud with it!! but big time disrespecting is done in corporations, government, and religion!!  while the bass rumbles in the hooptie while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta I'm soon realizing that it's a hood thing.

Lightning rumbles during the storm, a day of reckoning just around the corner?  the Full Moon lit up the Atlanta sky!! moods are altered by the I-85 Bridge collapse and a tanker truck crash at I-285 and Jonesboro Road...

Doing the right thing the norm? please, your expecting that from these earthlings who are out of order? soul food is provided as I drop this knowledge, but is it information overload?

Recovering from the storm like Delta Airlines? Full Moon ruminations we're the by-product, who knew I would bring these messages?

A brotha is doing his thing!! usually putting  messages in songs, due to being a descendant of travelers through middle passages.

Brother Resistance Wars In Space Dub played in the background, spaced out like I was out in the galaxy but  down I-20 in Atlanta I dipped.

Brothers show persistance, rolling down I-20 with the Full Moon in the background, still doing this!! breakbeat science is flipped.

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