Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Onslaught PT. 8 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Musings)

We're back with this onslaught!! this is how it's going down!!  check out the usual introduction.

Unleashing this Sonic Assault!! this is how it's going down!!  disrespected like Trump Wall plans due to the usual corruption?

What's up son? beats will thump y'all, southbound on I-95 headed towards Jacksonville!! soon,  I reflected on Terrible / Terrific Tuesday perspectives while staring out the window of the Omni Hotel, looking at the St Johns River.

What's up son?  soon  realizing things have got to be real per Cheryl Lynn!! now I was back up I-75 in Atlanta!! per the onslaught?  these  messages I deliver.

What's up with ya?  I saw some of my peeps caught out there like Portland Trail Blazers swept by the Golden State Warriors!! they should have escaped while they had the chance!! now per the onslaught?  the funk is dropped on them.

....On this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday I took it back to the basics, but still futuristic!! O-Dog rocked out / got crunk / plus hip hopped on them.

..plus he housed them!! Intergalactic when he cosmic slopped on them!!  but per Frank Zappa some said the funk contained cosmic debris.. 

Some say this is hazardous material like chemical weapons in Syria, they say Obama knew what the deal would be.
What we have is spiritual based on going through the onslaught / mass hysteria!! now we bring it back!! I just got back from voyages out in the galaxy.

Back down to earth!!  just in time for the Taurus New Moon!! with my fellow earthlings? I'm in tune!! from the Oak-Town to Chi-Town / even from the O-Town back to the A-Town!! but these haters still get foul with me.

...But the dial will be hit / the fire lit!! now check out the onslaught!! O-Dog has hooklines and his own beats!! now you'll get hit with the Street Funk..prepare yourself for the boom boom!!

Terrible / Terrific Tuesday business? during mountain top experiences I analyzed the situation, so what it do? What's The Prognosis?  per this onslaught, this type of science dropped is from the upper room.

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