Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Onslaught PT.2 (Throwback Thursday Business)

I was told about the onslaught;  Pops warned me, said conditions would be harsh!! so I had to prepare myself. 

Like North Korean nuclear tests we're bold with our own Onslaught /  Sonic Assault!!  a dude hip hops,  plus out in the Babylon wilderness / marsh I'm jazzing them up and housing them!!  I truth or dared myself. 

Chilling like Bereans or becoming Onslaught, the consciousness of two mutants merging: Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto

Shady dealing led to reflecting; lessons taught!! Onslaughts were conceptualized on some Throwback Thursday type of business!! word from a nutty professor straight from the ghetto!
Did I need to let it go per the Teddy Pendergrass Love TKO?  I scared myself after I went on with my bad self!!  but I found out it's not about me.

Did I need to let it go? please! I digress, a by product of the stress!!  now I cut these folk some slack,  out there where the benefit of the doubt will be!!

Whatcha know?  I doubt there will be justice or peace due to the deep hate. 

Whatcha know? what's up cuz?  please!!  we're all subject to the authority of a deep state

Donald Trump and right wingers say Obama is running it,  but a so called deep state collaborated to derail his presidency.

Beats thump, but there's no wings of love per Jeffrey Osborne!! these jokers tried to rock out like Ozzy Osbourne,  things were messy.

...just like Jason Bourne pursuits;  Julian Assange and Edward Snowden gave the opposing teams the playbook. 

Being built or torn down per debatable circumstances? check out this onslaught as I take my chances;  I didn't play around with a crook. 

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