Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Onslaught PT. 10 (Concept Finale)

Like US ships floating near North Korea, we're floating out here in the mainstream of mathematics but in a life raft. 

Float on like the Floaters? please!! waters are treacherous!! check out the onslaught!!  there's no where to run or hide,  so where's the right path?

Waters were polluted;  where's the right staff to clean it up? please!! the  truth is disputed by the corrupt. 

Oh yes, the truth is disputed!! O-Zone was trying to keep it one hundred but Slashdot tried to say my product was corrupt!  but they don't know whats up!! 

Oh yes, the truth is disputed!! Trump is worried about his first one hundred days as treasuries are looted!!   meanwhile my people are still trying to come up.

Oh yes!! it's rough out here as pirates robbed, looted and pillaged the village!! check out the onslaught as these Plan Z participants run up...

Oh yes!! pain vs pleasure were part of the grey area scenarios  as the waves go up and down out here in the mainstream. 

Reigns of terror were in more places than Syria!! hell is caught, check out the onslaught!! please!!   you'll get blackballed like Colin Kaepernick so who's on the team?
Pure fiction fabricated in labs like Trump photo ops with senators?  I spotted how the fake ride, so what it do? something becomes manifest destiny?

Breakbeat science we're kicking!! The Sonic Assault is unleashed!!! O-Dog drops the Street Funk, based on the Brotha O's epiphany.

This good word is also dropped, as we proceed and continue!! we respond to the onslaught with an onslaught!! we're just trying to survive /  live!!

This is the concept finale but the saga / struggle continues!! this is what we've got to give..

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