Friday, April 14, 2017

The Onslaught PT.3 (The Good Friday Edition)

We're dealing with the onslaught on a Good Friday, it's like the mother of all bombs was dropped. 

It's the real thing!! so what's good?  check the Sonic Assault as this good word plus mothership connection type funk is dropped.

So what's hood? Oh yes,  we cosmic slopped like Funkadelic, your old dude is relic!! but it's No Country For Old Men. 

We also cosmic slopped in Psychedelic Shacks per the Temptations trying not to yield to temptation for yielding is sin. 

The Temptations also mentioned residing on a Ball Of Confusion aka this earth..
Feeling the vibrations; is it all an illusion? intergalactic? O-Dog is all that and he'll rock it!! plus the rocket just landed on earth

..dropping brand new funk, check out the steady bombardment /  onslaught to get the picture, so what's it all worth? 

..dropping bombs like the US on North Korea per their nuclear mixtures?  so what's it all worth?
..dropping Breakbeat Scientific scriptures? oh yes!! it's part of the onslaught!! check us out!! it's the Sonic Assault and Random Thoughts...similar to Dead Sea Scrolls?

Local, National, International and Intergalactic? those areas are part of the onslaught, so how do these brothas roll? 

Told to protect our souls per the onslaught, even on this Good Friday!! please!! Sean Spicer mentioned holocaust centers.. 

Seeing how another rolls per the onslaught, they'll tell a good lie to you and me!! "it ain't nothing nice" ...per Neil Gorsuch check the verdict the system renders...

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