Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Onslaught PT. 9 (Doing Damage)

I mentioned the onslaught, rebuked by this Sonic Assault!! please!! some folk are doing damage. 

Paid attention even though I'm broke per monetary levels;  reality checks are cashed!! discounts provided per retailers under new management? 

Spirit not broken;  rich in other aspects and on other levels,  but coping strategies fail us!  still damned if we did or didn't. 

Token appreciation from the daughter of chaos wasn't love,  but some were smitten. 

My dude was over in Decatur at the Quik Trip spitting lyrics in the Ford Explorer!! said he had his shoes strapped on,  plus he had his nine millimeter. 

..Said it was a demo from the lab;  asked me how did I hear it / what did  I know about it? was the producer a leaker / cheater? 

.. Told him no need to delete it,  do your thing kid!!  he's a funky type of soul brother doing damage. 

Told him to be aware of the onslaught!! North Korean types were making threats plus alt shift delete were ways and means of the matrix architect that's doing damage. 

..Told him to be aware of the onslaught!! like Patrick Beverley and the Houston Rockets beating Russell Westbrook and the OKC Thunder internal and external scrimmages will take place..

..Told him about this Sonic Assault as we keep it one hundred, rebuking crooks that want us to go under!! we're taking our place in the race...

..Similar to Donald Trump's first one hundred days hoping something will take place that means something?

Beats will thump and this good word is dropped per this onslaught!! these dudes are onto something!!

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