Monday, April 10, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (The Return Engagement)

 Check out these I-20 Chronicles; the spring break is over, so this is the return engagement..

It's the response to these and those; what? the mass hysteria like the drama in Syria!! did Russia and the US establish rules of engagement?

 Fouls were flagrant, jokers fake it out here in the matrix!! damn!! some might relapse like Otis Nixon..

Lord help!! some can't take it to the bridge, it'll collapse like I-85 in Atlanta due to some that shuck and jive!! they'll approach us with the shady dealing..

We're back on the set on a Monday Morning after a brief hiatus,  so like Delta flyers at Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta you know the devil is mad at us. 

History will repeat!! word from a dude who's out there on the outer banks like Cape Hatteras.

Banks laugh at us!!  them and insurance companies have us coming and going,  as they clock the paper.

Ranks throw the math at us but its rebuked!! we found out it's fake news!!  hustles were knocked during the caper. 

Thanks were given to the Lord per Palm Sunday at the Global Empowerment church next door to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church!!  visions of Stone Mountain in the background. 

...Former KKK outpost?  not trying to brag or out boast,  I'm  slapping palms / giving dap to my constituents down the runway!!  not too far from the Cambodian Buddhist Temple!! international?   that's how I get down. 

Over in Egypt, churches were bombed!! meanwhile my constituents?  they're  out here in Stonecrest off of I-20 trying to put it down /  get their hustle on in the rap game!! in the Ford Explorer the sound bumped!!  dude said he kept his shoes strapped on,  plus he kept his nine. 

What's the deal with it? check out these I-20 Chronicles per this return engagement!! we're trying to put it down,  not losing it!! in the midst of the madness your dude kept his mind. 

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