Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vibrations PT.9 (Still Feeling Them)

 Feeling the vibrations!! tense like Putin / Tillerson meetings? plus  the full moon in Libra was a strong one.

Feeling the vibrations!! intergalactic like Spacely Sprockets?  Weather Report Mysterious Traveler / mystery unraveler / so called truth disputing!!  O-Dog didn't rock it?  please!!  you've got the wrong one.

Judge Neil Gorsuch gavel striker? please!! it's gonna be a long one!! what?  the day!!  Sonny Crockett Miami Vice types were posted up giving out side eyes or sideways glances.

What's up with it? it's gonna be a strong  one they're dealing with, per these debatable circumstances. 

Being built or torn down? setbacks or advances? per Richard Pryor and Stargard Which Way Is Up?  

Who turned the level of scorn down? nobody? were they a perpetual liar like Trump per Chris Cillizza? so what's the deal bruh / so what's up? 

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