Monday, April 17, 2017

The Onslaught PT.4 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

The onslaught continues even though Holy Week concluded with Resurrection Sunday;  the saga / struggle continues.

Sonic assaults are unleashed,  this good word and the brand new Mother Connection type of funk is on these menus. 

ATL traffic?  Red Alerts were issued!! the Downtown Connector is closed son!! 

Fanatics in North Korea flex their muscle; red alerts are issued by Mike Pence, so what's up son?
Assaults planned per North Korea nuclear tests? looking for trouble per Donald Trump, facing an onslaught?  a joker acting brand new stresses the status quo.

 Troublemakers per Team Umizoomi? lessons taught,  reality or the sport sees ya, so how were they trying to flow? 

Check the natural flow; jokers act brand new with you and me as Aries season comes to a close;  next up is Taurus season

Who's fair with those or these?  authorities in Atlanta were dipping in the Chevy Impala and the Ford Taurus!! who's for or against us?  the media said check Mike Flynn or Carter Page for the treason...

Earth Wind and Fire's Reasons plays in the background per Music Monday business, we're chilling slurping on a cup of coffee..

Due to the season? in the background I hear birds chirping the same time every morning and in the evening!! blessed!! what will the offer be?

Due to the treason? I made some back up off me, now I'll unleash this Sonic Assault..

I ease on down the road, usually on I-20 in Atlanta, bringing this onslaught...


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