Friday, April 28, 2017

WTF (What's That Foolishness) PT.5

What's the deal? they've got me out here asking WTF? or  maybe what's that foolishness? 

What's real compared to what per John Legend and The Roots? lines are blurred due to grey area scenarios!! nobody knows what the golden rule is. 

What's up? golden parachutes were deployed at Fox News by Roger Ailes and Bill OReilly

Sean Hannity next? please!!  the sport is complex!!  coping strategies fail so on this Flashback Friday what will the style be? 

Bernie Sanders on deck for the People's Party?  drafted by Cornel West and others? 

Who'll understand us? heard saying WTF (What's That Foolishness? )  per Flashback Friday, but digital crate digging will soon be underway!!  not much they can tell these brothers. 

Who'll understand us? this good word is dropped, but thought and fashion police say I ask too many questions per WTF!

I'm asking , what's that foolishness?  plus this next school dude will pull brand new funk off the shelf.

I'm asking , what's that foolishness? spotted the crew over in Decatur rolling in a Saturn smash and grabbing!! but it's not just here in Atlanta!! pipelines get hit up from Iraq to Nigeria.

Folk were  trying to get in some kind  of groove but how did they move? did they do take out or will they eat it there? chefs in hell's kitchen prepared the meal!! they had the recipe for disaster / mass hysteria...

Seeing how the fake play it!!! acting brand new with this but some are asking WTF (What's That Foolishness) like moves made in the NFL Draft..

Seeing how fate will play it!! like Holyfield we learn the real deal!! but soon asking WTF (What's That Foolishness) after some fail to do the math..

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