Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What Goes On?

Borrowing a line from from Chuck D on Public Enemy No. 1...just like he asked..what he said...I'm asking what goes on?

...Like out in Port Said...out in Egypt at the football match...I'm asking what goes on? similar to my blog on Blogster...this revolutionary mobster is asking Whats Really Going On? 

Oh yeah!! my eyes are open...hell is what we catch..I can see what it do; but there's also Smoke and Mirrors!

Oh yeah !! my eyes are open...but things are similar to the smoke and fog on I-75 in Florida...check the casualties from the third eye is even open...this is no joke; I'm hip to the ongoing horrors and terrors

R.I P. Don Cornelius..whose fair with this and that? peep game to see what goes on! 

As we go there...shining lights like the aurora borealis;...dropping this breakbeat science; shorty asked me what was I on? 

As we go there..not in the Oldsmobile Aurora..but in the Olds Cut Dog..aka the mothership....its landed on earth....earthlings are asking me..what was I doing...what was I writing? 

....Told them its like this and like that...not like the BBC vs Putin;  the truth were not disputing..were dedicated to it...the masses? I'm enlightening! 

Some are waiting on Punxsutawney Phil..others waiting in the dark.. to some the whole situation is frightening!! as they ask what goes on? 

Whats the deal? others think its business as usual!! exciting to be living in the danger zone!

So what goes on? that's what Newt Gingrich is asking after losing in Florida to Mitt Romney...

So what goes on? glitches in the matrix will not stop this conglomerate...bear witness to what the response to the madness will be...

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