Saturday, May 05, 2012

Full Moon Madness / Soon Subject To The Authority

Whats the schedule? they stated there's a Super Full Moon In Scorpio tonight...May 5th..also Cinco De Mayo...we were told to govern ourselves accordingly

Word from Ms Jenkins / Ricky Smiley with the church announcements..meanwhile funky is how the O-Dizzle sound gets...recognizing where the boundary or border will be...

The sound stinks, stank, or stunk..disrupting things like 9/11 detainees down in Gitmo...whatcha know?  we were told to adhere to the policies and procedures!

What's the schedule? whose subject to the authority? please!! I let it go!! getting over it all!! indeed I became a pro at finding cures! 

A breakbeat scientist taking off into space like Space X...whats next? were dealing with it!!  pure is how this product is; plus its potent! 

Didn't fake it!! studied the Dark Mystery of Time and I had to be elusive and evasive; after doing the math, the formula, coming up with the sum, product, and quotient!

As I approach it; its no mystery! please! knowing how rough it can get!! abrasive!! spotted the scars and injuries on some of these players! 

Some are out of it like Derrick Rose; I coach it..the game;  knowing what the case is..the cure?  God will answer some of these prayers! 

Refusing to be subject to the authority even though the full moon light shines on me...still humble...didn't pose for glamour shots...but taking off some of these layers of stress that were delivered by power rangers! 

They were comical like Danger Rangers...please!! prayers led to us being blessed; ignored the last minute last hour drama provided by strangers! 

Plus we come through with this good word and funky blends; danger zones full of drama royalty get hit up!

As we provide the Sonic Assault refusing to be subjects of a corrupt authority; this is whats up!

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