Monday, May 14, 2012

The Whole Game Is Shady; Every Last Bit Of It..

They told me they were handling business; but like jokers over at JP Morgan Chase..I spotted the shoddy workmanship! 

Whose up in the rat race? in search of perfection like Afrika Bambaata in search of the Perfect Beat; but shadetree mechanics dominate the landscape..I don't like how they're working it!

Whats the case? maybe its my perception ...knowing only God deals in perfection; jokers said I'm hurting it...what?  my progress! 

Whats the case? chilling at the intersection; I was told to go right but I break left on them; I can't depend on them..they'll try to stop this! 

The whole game is shady!!  Mr Cole said its a rat eat dog!

The whole game is shady!!  gay marriage mentioned instead of the economy....what will the response be? the mirrors enhanced the smoke and fog!

Black churches say its not all gravy baby!! in the meantime and between time broken beats are manipulated by O-Dog; he's the funky type of soul brotha....check the response! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed on jokers; as we deal with the madness this is our response! 

Hell is caught it...word from Bain almost broke us; where's the super glue and duct tape? 

Those in pain are realizing the whole game is shady; as corrupt ones still continue to show hate!

What can those people gain? they holla atcha with the plan...but then they quit campaigning like Ron Paul.

What were we trying to gain?...even though we realize the whole game is shady....but we try to keep winning like Chris Paul...

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