Saturday, May 12, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles ...Its A Small World

From Dipping down 1-20 in The ATL to The Gaza Strip; from Pakistan to Dubai..whatcha know?  its a small world!

Jokers were Decatur Dekalb County Police rushed the house off of Candler Rd...locking jokers up...confiscating contraband; whats up man? what was you told?  hopefully no information overload...its not hard to tell how somebody will flip;  y'all should know the drama will unfurl! 

Jokers were flipping...upsetting the drug overlord?  will they get hit up by El Chilango? Zetas aren't fooling with a gringo...meanwhile in other jurisdictions they're hurling rocks to improvised explosive devices;  bear witness to when some are left to their own devices! 

An earthling is tripping.....its one who knocks the hustle of this brotha; I'm not surprised....I've been paying these prices!

I continue to work this thing during the ongoing crisis; I'm trying to make a comeback like Tiger Woods....the style is blue collar! 

Check the menu;  "it ain't nothing nice" like Marvin makes you wanna holler! 

How will these folk play? like JP Morgan Chase...its all about a dollar; but we almost lost Detroit that time! 

Gil Scott Heron tried to holla at us about that; nobody heard him White Mike in the car chase with the JSO on the Arlington Expressway in Jacksonville...I think they lost their damn mind! 

A lot on my mind as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta...thinking its a small world; damn!!!  crimies put it down from Charlotte / Mecklenburg to Los Angeles aka Los Scandalous! 

Chilling out... I was out on I-20 in Conyers with the family from Albany Georgia ...talking about its a small world!!  the drama goes down from Louisville / Newburg to Johannesburg;  from DC to Wall Street ...wherever the scandal is! 

Its a small world; what or who will emerge out of the darkness? a vandal is spotted..he was ready to hit up something or somebody up! 

Its a small world; I spotted homies from Louisville when I was down in out in LA; how did we play? those were my peeps!! but we never merged with the corrupt!

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