Friday, May 11, 2012

No Where To Run Or Hide; Safe Havens / Safe Harbors Get Invaded

Were under attack; safe havens or safe harbors get raided like the Taliban hitting up embassies in Kabul! 

There's no where to run or hide...but we had the knack for escaping from a foul one and their policies; reality exposed fallacies...whose losing money like JP Morgan Chase?  they try to play us like a fool!

Mr. Cole said it was a rat eat dog world...haters mentioned Main Ingredients Everybody Plays The Fool sometimes!!! they said there's no exception to the rule! 

They're the main ones impeding progress; information overloads were part of the some minds, hearts, and spirits feel the stress; there's no exception to that rule! 

Whose lost in transition..messages lost in translation? meanwhile they're expecting us to play that role of a fool... while they sit up and clock dough!

During the ongoing transformation I maintain the street code... I was expecting these haters to play with your soul; infiltrating minds hearts and spirits also! 

Whats the mode of transportation? I dipped like Space X...others made the simple complex....there was a lot of embedding; now safe havens and safe harbors get raided;  jokers told me y'all should know what it do!

We continue to go for what we know....what's next?  we couldn't front....we had to act like we knew!

Others didn't have a clue about the game like Roddy White.. soon reality will provide insight...

Endeavors crash and burn like that Russian jetliner in Indonesia...usually its all good when your in flight....

Peeping game...the enemy is in sight....soon safe havens and safe harbors get raided...

Some were sleeping in the game...some tried to dip....but there's no where to run or hide...all up in the game...seeing how shady it can get...

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