Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They'll Have You Strung Out

Asking whats really going on? like my Wordpress site! 

Please!!  like in Damascus.....these folk will have you strung out!! word from this breakbeat scientist...these folk "ain't right"

Check the Hewlett Packard laying off thousands..they'll have you hung out to dry; hanging on a limb! 

How did that work for ya? Hanging on a string like Loose Ends; so whats really happening?

Ganging up on us?  its nothing...but O-Dizzle comes through with the blend; check the Sonic Assault! 

Not a strange thing that we did the knowledge we didn't fall for the Facebook there's no information overload; even though hell was caught! 

What the hell were some taught?  had to analyze the information; the street code was violated...... that was the prognosis! 

Some fell for the snitches supplied too much information; for some it was lethal doses! 

Now they're strung out!! even wannabe powers that be thought it was a joke; until like Herman Cain...they got played! 

Hung out to dry like on clothes lines in the hood or projects...whose successful? whose in pain? please!! the devil is opposed..he objects!!  so spiritual warriors fasted and prayed!

Then we went to war...haters said the fouls we committed were Dexter Pittman and Udonis Haslem...please!! we never played around..

We knew these jokers would try to string us out...breakbeat science is what we bring out..O-Zone had the good word...O-Dizzle played the sound...

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