Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles / Special Humpday Edition

Had to getaway like Earth Wind and Fire; sometimes Humpdays are like that!

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta; trapped down here with these earthlings that didn't know a damn thing about solar storms. caused by AR 1476, ..but were still putting it down like this and like that! 

Going in!!  as I light that!! rocking the hard hat with the lantern on top; carrying a warm torch! 

Going in!! O-Dizzle is rocking it!! O-Zone is the hot messenger ....they said this hot mess is warm to the touch! 

Were working it out like Willie Hutch said brothas would!

But there's so much drama in the A-Town; its hard being the Brotha O!!! I don't play around!! coming through in the clutch; the attitude?  I wish somebody would! 

The old timer at Town Center Mall had fashions clashing!! rocking the Tommy Bahama outfit with a Members Only jacket! 

Meanwhile old crimies in Atlanta hadn't taken a fall yet; clashing with the system still clocking paper...said they're cashing out.... pulling the caper; said its members only in the racket! 

Atlanta is full of cliques; you have to know somebody to get put on! 

Atlanta is full of tricks..but they said its not tricking if you got it; so what are you on? 

Once again its on!! Random Thoughts are collected while dipping through the city!

A penny for my thoughts...putting my two cents in; a clearance rack epiphany!

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