Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse / Healing Process PT.2

Let the healing process begin!! some said the Solar Eclipse will be the starting point! 

Whats the deal with this? we're all up in the ring of fire per Johnny Cash...with so called titans we clash...we're just trying to win in the heart of Babylon....but not the one they'll anoint! 

Random thoughts are breakbeats were stashed.. haters ask....whats your point?  please!! I'm just saying! 

Reckless abandon is exhibited by these earthlings like in Syria; how will I work things?  I'm just praying! 

The mothership has landed on earth..but we didn't wreck this cruise ship and abandon it like the Captain of the Costa Concordia...during the mass hysteria I'll work this thing another way! 

This good word is dropped plus the brotha O-Dot will let the music play! 

All up in the spot.....observing the scene..... how will these jokers play the Solar Eclipse?

Rays from the Sun were intercepted....the joke was on us..some said no Aurora Borealis?

Please!! whats up son? from the ATL to Aurora Colorado some know what the deal is; so they govern themselves accordingly!

Can't be at ease...coping strategies fail a freedom rider; they found out where the boundary or border will be! 

Wishing and hoping it was simple; I see them...they were already  affected by the Super Full Moon Madness!

Now they deal with the Solar Eclipse in Gemini; they said I was a damn lie when I come back with this! 

Let the healing process begin...but jokers try to track this.....but they don't know half the story! 

Cool like The Mack; plus I  was quiet like Mr Hamilton at the Checker Cab stand; taking the bitter with the sweet in this hostile territory!

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