Monday, May 21, 2012

Total Chaos

I was observing the scene..haters were slacking on the job like DEA agents hiring prostitutes in Colombia..whats up with ya?  I'm bearing witness to the total chaos! 

Chefs from hells kitchen had waiters / haters serving the meals that lacked nutritional value; there will be more than weight loss! 

No need for Weight Watchers with Charles Barkley..the cost?  its free as they batch us fresh batches! 

Its like Yemen....whose in a state of despair and turmoil?  chaos and confusion was planted in fertile soul!! like Natalie Cole hell is what one catches! 

As we go there... a burglar snatches the joy from us while we were chilling in safe havens and safe harbors! 

As we go there ....who'll work with a brotha?'s like George Zimmerman..hatred is what these jokers harbor! 

..Plus jokers just got back from the harbor; the fresh catch was halibut and salmon! 

Plus jokers tried to start with ya...but things start to go sideways like the Facebook IPO....whatcha know? some jokers are corrupt with it like Haliburton! 

Plus jokers got put off the team like Burton; he showed up for basketball practice smoked out and drunk off the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer! 

Plus jokers were caught up in the lucid dream like Jared Loughner as they go there! 

Others were on were outraged by the destruction..others were rolling with John Boehner types; creating chaos and confusion..opposing everything like the devil; just because! 

Meanwhile were rolling through the total chaos...outraged by the corruption  in'll get fired like Stan Van Gundy..but we're thankful for the Lord's blessings; so we stay down for the cause!



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