Saturday, May 26, 2012

Its All Good (I Hate To Use Cliches)

Hate to use cliches...but I put things into perspective; its all good! 

Hate to use the plays another coach ran like Stan Van Gundy;  but understand this a bruh is all hood! 

Louisville / Newburg is embedded in me; so I govern myself accordingly! 

That's the deal from the old school baptist preacher!!  or maybe Ricky Smiley / Ms Jenkins doing the church announcements; recognize where the border will be! 

Its all good!! even though I'm not in an orderly fashion...just  like Iran's nuclear program... they said I didn't act right!

Its all hood!! as I bump heads with thought and fashion police; as I holla back...I had to fight! 

Its all wood? that's  what the salesman said; but I found out its synthetic like hardi-plank! 

Now I'm at the service desk arguing; like in Germany and Greece;  jokers took the money out of the bank! 

....At your service with this...pulling rank;  a veteran now coaching!

Goods and services were bogus..the system fooling the masses; plus reality is conducting Armageddon is approaching! 

....Hoods knew how to work this when the enemy is encroaching; the drama jumps off like Sudan and South Sudan!

....Its All good is the motto when God's will is done; so whatcha know man?

In this domain the devil stays busy!!  no justice no peace is the cliche! 

Just like its all good; but whose pimping like Herman Cain.. how did they play?

....Maybe playing it like Secret Service agents down in South America! 

Its all good is the cliche; its no secret how some swerve with this;  that's life in America!

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