Friday, May 18, 2012

The Solar Eclipse / Let The Healing Process Begin

I heard my people were in the Solar Eclipse is let the healing process begin! 

They weren't pimping like Herman Cain!!! plus this isn't a Facebook IPO man!! as the price dips..people are dealing with the stress like in the NBA playoffs; like the Miami Heat..just trying to get a win! 

Whats up man? the player player slips like John Edwards authorities will get wind of your caper...snitches will run and tell it! 

Haters in these hostile territories see you running the marathon like Boston; they're hoping you fail it! 

I'm assisting my peeps like Rajon Rondo with the Boston Celtics .....that's what Louisville brothas do!

 The Solar Eclipse is will we respond to the ring of fire? ...let the healing process begin...soon we'll be acting brand new! 

Asking myself...where did the mothership land you?  damn!! I'm stuck down here with these earthlings! 

Asking it them or me? slapping a reporter like Will Smith...bearing witness to what the dirty work brings!

Asked baby it him or me? word from the group Today produced by Teddy Riley! 

Lately? caught up in the middle...whats the riddle? jokers ask me how will the swag or style be? 

As I go to the hoop Metta World Peace types foul me; hacking me ....contradicting their name! 

Truth be told?...this is a crazy world...enhanced by the Solar Eclipse..while undergoing the healing process it emphasized to me that its all game!

    The Healing Process Mix PT.3 by omanxl1

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