Sunday, May 13, 2012

No Where To Run Or Hide /Caught Up In The System

We were caught up / caught out there like  Maulvi Arsala Rahmani;  it seemed like there was no where to run or hide! 

Were caught up in the system / matrix;  where good and evil coincide! 

Like Syrians...for freedom we ride; but the hooptie seems like its on its last leg;  plus I'm through dealing with shady car dealers! 

They're part of the corporate structure that tried to front on a brotha....shady like JP Morgan Chase... another might just know what the deal is! 

In the sport they'll corrupt ya; like Philly 76ers you think you can win...whose caught up in the rat race? do the knowledge...the real is compared to what? 

...Word from Les McCann and Eddie Harris; nobody is fair with that or this; some of you know whats up!

I was chilling..laying in the cut;  but safe havens and safe harbors will get gaffled!

I was dealing with the madness..some of it even brought on by the Super Full Moon; knowing these earthlings are good for misbehaving...knowing what it do;  so I wasn't baffled!

Jokers laughed at a bruh!! after some of my tools of the trade grew legs and walked away! 

I wasn't mad at them; I  just dropped this math on them...but wasn't trying to impress like a recent college'll get stalked that way! 

But a player got stressed anyway; there was no where to run or hide! 

I just said a prayer and kept it moving; for freedom we continue ride!

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