Saturday, May 19, 2012

Solar Eclipse Realness

Just processed the Super Full Moon madness did we act with this? now we have the Solar Eclipse! 

Spotted dude in the Mitsubishi Eclipse with Indiana plates on it down here in the A-Town; cruising like he's in Nap-Town listening to some Solar Records with Whispers...Rocking Steady...some know what the deal is!

Next up was The Clipse or are they the Re-Up Gang? keeping it crispy..knowing that its all game! 

Some will relapse like Eminem; but still get elected to the hall of fame! 

Others recapture youth and rewrite history..soon they're hall of shame members! 

Others fracture a tooth!! they were running off at the mouth ...snitching; then they got hit in the mouth!! other body parts dismembered! 

Body parts found out in the country...Sumter South Carolina...meanwhile others Remembered The Time they fell in love per Michael Jackson; cupid shot the arrow! 

Others Remembered The Titans or maybe the demons they were fighting....all up in the action; they didn't stay on the path that was narrow! 

Brothas like me remembered to enlighten the masses; but whose fair with a bro in love or war?

 I remembered fighting for freedom since day one; the saga struggle continues! 

Enhanced by the Solar Eclipse in Gemini...two sides to the game! check the menus....

Who'll roll up on ya like a solar flare or monster sunspot?  needing to put dark glasses on their lips so they can watch their mouth!

As we drop breakbeat science on ya....son..were all up in the spot... class is in session from the East to the West; from the North to the South!

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