Monday, May 07, 2012

Super Full Moon Aftermath

Observing the scene; checking out the wreckage from the Super Full Moon Madness!

What was heard or seen? underwear bombs built by Al Qaeda in Yemen...whats up man?  after we did the math we stayed the course....the path; now were able to come back with this! 

Check the aftermath; somewhat similar to Dre and Shady; O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha! 

Before and after the math pictures are taken;  but no glamour shots ....not like another! 

....Fighting like Mayweather...during the ongoing storm; due to May weather...check these scriptures..but haters damned a bruh if he did or didn't do the damn thing! 

Damn!! I heard jokers say whatever like Mitt Romney..what will the response be?  I got tired of being played by the system / matrix; so breakbeat science is what I bring! 

Others did their thing!!  keeping their front going..they circulate the dollar like Billy Paul said the system wasn't doing! 

This is a revolutionary thing of the spiritual nature; we're refusing to participate!! we had to sacrifice...but we kept it moving! 

It was an evolutionary thing...check the process; not proving it like a wayward scientist..but this is an intelligent design! 

The solution? we bring this good word and the brand new funk;  I'm going for mine! 

A long like of jokers were waiting for answers; trying to get a sign from the Super Full Moon! 

Were going for broke with ours; this is the aftermath..check it out after we drop the math...wereschooling a fool...soon and very  soon!

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