Sunday, May 06, 2012

Super Full Moon Madness / Caught Up In The System / Matrix

They were going through it....they said its the by product of the Super Full Moon Madness....

Plus it was in Scorpio.....some thought they knew how the sport would go like Miguel Cotto...but Mayweather said he would take care of this...

Nobodies fair with or war....we learned that by being caught up in the system / matrix! 

In Gitmo 9/11 detainees truth or dare this...meanwhile I proceed and continue....acting like I knew it; check it out!! my conduct..real,  I couldn't fake it! 

But I am losing patience with corrupt robber baron types / aka corporations! 

Rolling like Citigroup...whose losing or winning? we're trying to recoup...or maybe recuperate...Let The Healing Process Begin!! we don't stop..we keep it moving; adjustments are made...we didn't abort operations!

Taking it to the hoop like Chris Paul...whats up y'all? all up in the sport; we meet our obligations..but facing interference! 

All up in the sport!! all up in the spot; but facing opposition just like Pres. Obama....society wouldn't give us clearance!

Out of this dissonance clearance rack epiphanies were developed; there was no information overload when we were caught up in a moment of time! 

This is a critical stage of development; wasn't wasting time while were caught up in the system...actually were in our prime!

Heard Sade it a crime?.. as I go for mine...a Scorpio given fuel by the full moon...

Facing opposition like Russians protesting against Vladimir Putin...but the truth? we're not disputing it...actually were dedicated to it..reality will deal with a fool soon...

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