Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adventures In Paradise PT.2 / The Saga / Struggle Continues

As we proceed and continue....rolling up like troops in Algeria; excuse us we interrupt very briefly!

Once again its on!!  act like you knew!! like Mante Te'o...based on what your belief will be! 

Any relief for me so much drama in the ATL...its hard being Omanxl1....flowing like a pipeline...Keystone XL?  I doubt justice no peace is the catch phrase!

Adventures in paradise continue emphasized with the stellium ...while catching Capricorn sun rays! 

Adventures with parasites is not how this son of God plays it in this danger zone! 

Checked the pathogens...soon like French troops in Mali were on the warpath...once again...but these ventures surprise some;  breakbeat scientific business is handled!!  once again its on! 

Ventures others were on had them rolling up in beauty supply stores stealing the weave or Remy;  starting it! 

Sales were made now jokers are back at the compound drinking Remy Martin with the weed;  sparking it! 

The coping strategy fails!! noticed it when I was parking it;  the mothership touched down on earth! 

The wishing and hoping baffled me and others; things aren't that the Dark Knight Rises with no awards.. we find out what its all worth!

Check the rebirth...after adventures in paradise were taken;  some were gaffled..I just had to regroup! 

Check out how we work it; like Jackie Robinson..42; ..we act like we knew; breakbeat scientific ventures are undertaken..peace is what were trying to recoup!

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