Monday, January 07, 2013

Regular Rotation..Once Again...

Regular rotations were interrupted ..some say the House of Representatives;  now jokers will freestyle and freelance! 

I kept it blue collar...the last of a dying breed...but irregular vocations are acquired by others; they shoot it up like Aurora!! the circle and cycle were broken!! its a debatable circumstance!

 Being built or torn down? vegetarians even have beefs like the New England Compounding Center vs its janitors..if some did or didn't somebody damned us..nobody was trying to live that kind of life!

Being built or torn down? were we sounding asked a joker? I told them instant gratification was the American way;  but we see how mortgage companies and banks play; who knows about the toil and strife?

...Or "trife" as its called now by these ATLiens;...where jokers big balled...its heard in the regular rotation! 

The knife wasn't recalled; like accelerating Toyotas corporations stab it in the back of blue collar workers like those in Bangladesh....with a regular vocation!

 Boy whats up with ya?  abort operations? you know a dollar is the secular vehicle..even though on it?  in God We Trust is written! 

Boy whats up with ya?  do the check the aftermath;  after being smitten!

This good word is written!! plus funk is dropped; its breakbeat scientific business! 

Check the regular rotation..if you were wondering what the deal is!

Check the regular rotation...somebody can feel this...were out here trying to maintain..

Benevolence? there is no I see my people in pain... 

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