Monday, January 21, 2013

It Can Go Either Way

It was like a crap shot in Atlantic City or Las Vegas;  it can go either way! 

Pull out the laptop to calculate the odds...use a iPhone Math to do the mathematics; how will we play this? we need to pray! 

Redundant episodes were Republicans vs Obama; check the drama...some act brand new with it!!  just fanatics that were ego tripping! 

Please!! like Eritrean troops attacking the Information Ministry ....abundant codes and modes from the information overload had this Negro tripping! 

At least that's the word on the curb... jokers want to shoot the hot messenger! 

Whats Really Going On?  please!! the Random Thoughts led to the Sonic Assault somebody said its another hot mess for ya!

 Check these danger zone chronicles..whats up with those? some are caught up in the system / matrix ...soon they'll  know how it'll work! 

The stranger who rolled up was a clone..snitching after faking it!! saying it was all love but the affection was awkward!

Now were rocking the section!! it goes down like clockwork..its manifest destiny! 

Haters were knocking the hustle but no weapons formed would work per Ray Lewis...act like you knew this...God is blessing you and me!

Haters were knocking the hustle...odd ones stressing you and me!!...but  we already knew how they would play...

O-Dizzle is rocking...O-Zone will exercise mental we put it down like this..knowing that it can go either way....

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