Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Technical Difficulties PT.2

Everything was all out of sync....was deer antler spray needed? true indeed...word from Viyah Singh or Ray Lewis...Roll Tide!! but some are clueless...others blame it on technical difficulties! 

It can be over with in a blink...act like you knew this...reality is letting you know about your abilities! you question background checks on gun purchases;  thought and fashion police question know the usual suspects! 

....some are second guessing them; decisions made previously?  karma introduced different aspects! 

Storms blow through like in Adairsville Georgia...whats up with ya?  as the apparatus disrespects...dude from Pakistan said this was Babylon! 

Checked the these prime time ATL players babble on! 

The rebel born with Mars In Aquarius said its on!! what will the Atlanta Falcons do when the San Francisco 49ers come to town and beat us? 

...that's how it went I let go..through dealing with nefarious ones;  summer of 2013?  dipping down Highway reunion in San Francisco!!...hopefully kinfolk will greet us! 

Society continues to mistreat us... questioning our abilities! 

Diplomatic immunity is exercised;  while jokers blame glitches in the matrix on technical difficulties! 

Conflicts in the cults of personalities after snitches fake it? please! sideways glances reveal True Colors per Cyndi Lauper! 

Contradicting the where to run or hide!!  but brothas work it out per Willie Hutch!! coming through in the clutch!!  its hard to stop the bruh!

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