Saturday, January 26, 2013

Catching Up On Their Pimping PT.3

Jokers were trying to get their swagger back..they suffered like Atlanta Falcon trying to catch up on their pimping!

 Jokers will put the dagger in your back like Ray Lewis proteges;  victims were on Peachtree St staggering and limping! 

Others were wishing it was a simple thing!!  but they get up every morning having to punch the clock! 

....Or swipe the proxy card....for a player / pimp? it's hard...others had a warning about waiting in the dark but followed their hunch;  they told me they would rock!

Others Skype...flexing like they're hard!!  warring with other factions!! check the cyber / twitter they're starring on You Tube Videos! 

Others believe the hype!! PE told them not to!!  but you know how it goes! 

Others are in tune with natural flows...said they're just trying to maintain!

....said they wont complain like Rev. Paul Jones...others were out of tune like American Idol contestants!!  now they're caught out there in the rain! 

Some were off in danger zones like over in Mali...what will the style be? others were Hanging Downtown per Cameo....what will they gain? told me they're trying to catch up on their pimping! 

O-Dizzle's beats were O-Zone will let you know... breakbeat scientific with it!!  but its not a simple thing!

Whats the dizzle? players / pimps do the damn thing!!  might even conduct a nuclear test like North Korea...

Whats the dizzle? 2013...some said they need to catch up...during the ongoing nuclear dude was even like the Chi-Lites...he was even asking me have you seen her? 

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