Sunday, January 13, 2013

It Wasn't All Fun and Games

Breakbeat scientific business gets handled..please believe me!!  like France over in Mali...its not all fun and games! 

Who will fake it a neurotic / fanatic gambled....they were out for a fast buck....trying to deceive me and you..rolling like AIG...running games!

Authorities were running names through the database like NYC's domain awareness system! 

Territories were hostile after the need for a makeover...I'm  just trying to maintain..whose fair with this so how are you living? 

Society is not'll be Branded like Chuck Connors!

The sweepstakes? it was a big set up...the same people received the honors!

Dealing with these fakes..Sonic Assaults are launched on the enemy headquarters!

Dealing with these jakes; at the Five Point Marta Station in Atlanta ....they said I resembled a vagrant down there bumming quarters!

Like the Ravens going to Denver to beat the Broncos I dipped across boundaries and borders....was local, international, and intergalactic with it!

Earthlings had me on standby...the program?  a fanatic was in charge of it! 

...Knew how they would work things; dude was a damn lie!! they were trying cover up! 

They were running games...the smoke and mirrors were similar to the pollution in Beijing..whats happening? whats really going on?  but I was wise to the set up! 

Ignored the wise and otherwise!! I knew it wasn't all fun and games I get up to get down! 

I knew it wasn't all fun and games..we fight back with this good word and the funky sound!

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