Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its Gotta Be Good

Back at the scene of the crime...but going for mine...checked the dashboard... I'm on default settings;  so its gotta be hood! 

The flow is obscene!! but the SP 500 is rising...gamblers out for a fast buck were running it!!  but we kept on running with it..please!!  its gotta be good! 

"We know how it go"  ....but we keep it 100...rising up like the Atlanta Falcons slogan...we take life and remix the funky drummer is drumming as O-Dizzle gets busy! 

Karma is in full effect!!  check the toil and strife..some will get whats coming to them; that's the feel me? 

As you see the real me!! a by product of what the street does.. its gotta be hood per Louisville / Newburg!

Whats the deal? out in the galaxy beyond Pluto and Mars..using the Milky Way as a compass like dung the mothership lands in the ATL or Charlotte / Mecklenburg!

Hostile takeover threats were received because we didn't merge with these earthlings! 

Hostages were taken like in Algeria....battles rage like in Mali check the mass hysteria like Syria that's how jokers work things! 

Messages from the hot messenger were taken the wrong way!! the style will be misunderstood...old girl said everybody ain't able! 
Middle passage descendants rebuke the foul!! its gotta be
good!! check out what we bring to the table!

Middle earth residents were just part of the fable...meanwhile some flexed like they held nukes like North Korea..

Whats it worth? no benevolence is received...but these brothas achieved...its gotta be we drop more breakbeat science on ya... 

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