Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feeling The Vibe PT.3

Vibes were disturbed..the System mentioned don't disturb this groove! 

Tribes were French troops in Mali..what will the style be? the system / matrix was in full effect..while  this brotha stayed on the move!

Appetites were curbed for minerals and resources by Colonials? ... naw!! whatcha know about those? please!!  snitching by those who faked it gave me another perspective! 

Tight is how times are...even the Cut Dog / Cutlass Supreme was curbed due to the slipping transmission; Manny, Moe and Jack couldn't fix a bruh was straight up disrespected! 

Crimes are committed from the ATL to Louisville ...please!!  it goes down from Syria to Israel...know what I mean? forgiveness for transgressions was mentioned by the baptist preacher! 

Beats and rhymes were committed to the cause....why? because!! know the fire / baptism will get the scream from ya! 

This team has got ya covered!! check the Sonic some get whats coming to them...these ultimate innovators putting it down!

But the plot and scheme was uncovered...ultimatums by those haters are ignored; they're just disturbing the hostage takers in Algeria...but now points are scored as we put it down! 

Everything is not what it seems; we didn't put up with a clown and their antics! 

Everything is everything per Donny Hathaway!! check how we play..please!! the vibe is ongoing...local, international;  even intergalactic with this!

Feeling the vibe...but not acting erratic with this...some need to wise up instead of rising up like Atlanta Falcons... 

They were beaten by San Francisco 49er's...but we were wise to the set up..check these beat miners and good word droppers..Sonic Assaulting foul daughters and sons!!

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