Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Out Of Sync...After Jumping and Recognizing..

 Going through the process; I was out of sync..like the Redskins without RGIII....even after jumping and recognizing!

Jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern; its like some things aren't surprising! 

Keep your eyes on the prize like the NRA vs The White House;  jump into the ring for the championship bout! 

Eyes blink from the fresh vision revelations!! scientific with it like Mayans and a 1991 Solar Eclipse..confirming the doubt! 

Check this good word / hieroglyphics..based on living and learning;  going all out with it!! in a corporate environment rocking Dockers with a cell phone pocket!

The word on the curb? Oprah will ask Lance Armstrong..meanwhile were living and learning..knowing how the sport can get;  jokers try to lock us down in a cell...soon on a court docket! 

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