Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whose Fair With This?

 Check the spectrum..its like love or war, or like New York gun laws; whatever..so whose fair with this? 

Whose disrespecting?  peeped the Deliberate Falsehood...some are acting false in the hood.....ready to truth or dare this! 

I'm collecting scattered thoughts like Oprah questioning  Lance Armstrong;  damned if we do or don't ...they said we were wrong..but I put it down like this!

Thoughts? collecting them like after Christmas debts.. dealing with the madness...there's no way around this!

No where to run or hide!!  sharks and piranhas were in the deep waters..I found this out when scuba diving! 

Hard work is put in..blue collar style!! the last of a dying breed!! dipping in the hooptie  in Atlanta..down I-20...a brotha is driving! 

Check the rest of this article at..Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Whose Fair With This?

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