Saturday, January 05, 2013

Once Again ..Once Again...Once Again

 As we proceed and continue; one cliche follows another..once again its on! 

True indeed!!  whatcha been through? jumped off fiscal cliffs?  we can work it out per the Beatles;  hip to what the street this and that zone! 

True indeed!!  word from Bain Capital and Corporate FM; from Wall Street to "you alls" street...that clone will try to wreak havoc! 

From NYC to Pakistan to Chicagoland; to even Aurora Colorado..the spot of another shooting....the truth? some are disputing...but we carried a sword..even though domain awareness systems and drones wreak havoc!

 Whats the deally?  were back with it!! even though haters keep track of it...destiny manifests itself! 

Whats the deally?  the calendar starts all over per the Mayans; please!!  were not joking around like the Wayans;  we went on with our bad selves!

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