Friday, January 25, 2013

Class Is In Session / Teaching Them A Lesson PT.2

The crime lieutenant or mob enforcer was like French troops in Mali;  stated he had to teach some a lesson! 

An unruly tenant soon facing eviction lacked a job due to the economy;  reality taught us all a lesson! 

Brutality by authorities? conviction?  guilty before innocent?  the blackjack swings..making its point! 

Success / acting brand new will be the ultimate revenge!!  rocking Gucci Guilty cologne listening to Guilty Simpson in the hooptie;  checked the hood dice game as black sings!!  rolling the dice making his point!

Lessons are taught..per OJ Simpson in the white Bronco..O-Dizzle is making his point with the Sonic Blackjack!

Lessons are taught..check the Sonic Assault;  some will get whats coming to them jack!

Lessons are taught after being caught up in the system / matrix..some were victims of the hostile takeover like Matt Damon taking over the Jimmy Kimmel Show..

Lessons are taught.. please!! now some want to make threats like North Korea...or heard singing Have You Seen Her by the Chi-Lites;  that's per Manti Te'o...

Class is in some are protesting like Roe vs Wade...others will step aside like Saxby Chambliss..

Class is in session...whatcha know about this breakbeat scientific business? we get a handle on this...

As sonic aggression takes place...rank and file members stated that its gotta be good...

Aggression shown during the collective bargaining confirmed that its gotta be hood!!   



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