Monday, January 21, 2013

Politicking PT.2 …It Doesn’t Quit and It Doesn’t Stop

I heard what was said…checked out the inauguration.. plus checked out the MLK ceremony  at Ebenezer in Atlanta… seen the moves that were made; some jokers were  still politicking!

I heard some were misled…whats up with them? they were waiting in the dark..the clock kept ticking!

Soon jumping off fiscal cliffs…plus out in those streets  the hard rock kept tricking like he was doing something!

Jumping off like Herman Cain or David Petraeus ….catching up on his pimping!!   like Michael Jackson …wannabe starting something!

Bumping off the competition with AR-15′s  before they’re banned due to the drama in Newtown! 

Bumping off citizens out in Aurora like James Holmes and them some!!  folk need to find a new town!

Politicking PT.2 …It Doesn’t Quit and It Doesn’t Stop « Whats Really Going On?

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