Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Saga / Uphill Struggle Continues; Just Trying To Maintain

Check out the mantra..."just trying to maintain"  O-Dizzle had another version!

Down here in Atlanta dipping down I-20; staying in my lane..I wasn't swerving! 

Observing the scene...jokers are holding their guns..or buying the NRA vs Biden...the battle is not surprising..but I didn't understand another waiting in the dark staying in pain that wasn't working for a bruh! 

Oh yeah I've been there and done that!!  but now I'm done with that!!  like the flu season I'm sick of that...check the episode as we move on to another! 

Oh yeah!! I stay on the one with that the higher power;  but for no reason.. I fall off from time to time! long as I'm down here on earth in the flesh / doing the time doing the crime! earthling...supposedly funky fresh in the flesh;  going all out for mine!!  putting it down like this! 

Trying to work this thing that is like the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs...sometimes it fails me!!  as it goes down like that and like this! 

As the night gets darker...intergalactic a mothership on earth parker...after a NASA drone  studied the ozone style!! moves were made;  I'm still out here trying to maintain! 

Horror stories and deeply held personal philosophies by the brotha O-Zone seem to be on the same plane! 

Hostile territories  sometimes have level playing fields? please!!  in some sports success can be attained!

Hot styles used to tell these stories plus the funk is dropped; check the breakbeat scientific business as these brothas maintained!

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