Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catching Up On Their Pimping PT.2

The new calendar has started....the old one ended per the Mayans! 

Dude said he was going to make a fresh start..he wasn't joking around like the Wayans! 

The attitude?  he said he was catching up on his pimping...even though he kept on running...he said he slacked up in 2012! 

The longitude and latitude? calculated...by iPhone 5?  its no jive...but it wasn't a simple thing!!  the database was hacked up..but some knew where he dwelled! 

Endeavors failed!! some try to apologize like Lance Armstrong;  now back to the drawing board!!  lets try it again! 

The drama occurred!!  dude was fighting like UFC on Fox....said he stayed strong!!  that's how he played this...but he was bailed out ..said he was bored; now ready to catch up on his pimping!

....like David Petraeus... Herman Cain and all those guys! 

How did he play? episodes blew his high...high off the Ritalin and Lithium like JFK Jr?  I heard he was in pain... why did they tell those lies? 

Time flies...were your having fun? that is....if you don't come undone! 

Dude tried to catch up on his pimping; I told I'm keeping it revolutionary..I'm not the one!

Shrewd with it...intelligent design..the process? an evolutionary one..but scientific with it...digging below the surface like the Mars Curiosity Rover...

Lewd with it..that's how cousin was..catching up on his pimping was the mission..but like buying guns in New York.. is the game over? 

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