Monday, January 28, 2013

Technical Difficulties

This is a test and only a test of the emergency broadcast system! 

Glitches in the matrix or technical difficulties make it hard to work with me...I'm way way out there..just like the asteroids companies want to mine on...but its Gotta Be Good...we're refusing to be caught up in the system! 

Some search for Jailbreaks for iPhone 5 ...but we transmit live; meanwhile snitches fake its all good; but I keep my eyes on them ...peeping game! 

Peeped the Deliberate Falsehood...but no hatred is shown..their victims of conditioning..check the environment...but I keep surprising them...some will get whats coming to them...they thought I was sleeping in the game! 

Wasn't acting false in the hood when I came through the gate;  now its on!! putting it down from the Lou to Timbuktu.. but like Chris Brown punching Frank Ocean..we deal with the drama..everything isn't working! 

Jokers came through with colour of love like Billy Ocean;  but some are strong..everybody wasn't hurting! 

Who said a snitch wasn't blurting out codes and instructions to the game? Samuel L Jackson in Django Unchained...a real House Negro!

 As we pitch like Satchel Paige and Bob Gibson!! following our own instructions...were all up in the league / house Negro!

Never followed anothers  instructions;  anyway..that swag , style,  or steelo was null and void!

....confirmed by another tribe member from November..accused of being paranoid! 

Some confirmed the vibe..that O-Dizzle wasn't devoid of funk...while bruised and battered egos made O-Zone as slick as black ice! 

Some questioned the Tiger Woods...camouflaged by the technical ain't nothing nice!

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