Saturday, January 12, 2013

Zoning / Standing Alone Against The World

I was way way out there.....unlike the Death Star project;  borders and boundaries were set up! 

Zoning like Syracuse  2/3 zone defenses; that's where you found me!!  I was wise to the set up! 

Victims of cloning cruise the streets of Atlanta like Smoky Robinson...while I move at a high velocity....with the speed you need! seems I'm standing alone against the world; especially after the drama France in Mali...true indeed! 

.....true indeed;  but I suddenly feel like a giant!! check how the style will be...against the world I'm defiant....this thing is serious! 

Roles reversed like David vs Goliath prayer?  I relied on it...this thing is serious! 

Had to admit...prayed and cursed at the same time...trapped in the Lions Den like Daniel; so how will it go?

Caught up in the system / matrix...while I was laying in the cut; soon blasting on fools like Sean Penn in the Gangster Squad?  so how will it go? 

Playing around with the corrupt or the new type gangsters? please!!  that's odd for me...I was zoning instead!

Saying that you know whats up?  believed the hype? PE told you not waiting in the dark after the were misled!

In hostile territories..vehicles waiting in park? droning will occur ...leaders of the pack dead!! plus check the collateral damage! 

Hot styles used to tell these stories!! a hot mess from the hot messenger? check the by product from zoning..still doing damage!

Check Out The Standing Alone Against The World Mix

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