Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dropping Science / BreakBeat Scientific With It

 Dropping science like turds falling into the toilet; as I get breakbeat scientific! 
Newt Gingrich type Contracts With America?  jokers were dropping it..they null and void it!! others are paranoid about it... you heard? they're just fanatics!

Wasn't quitting or stopping!!  oh naw!! the good word and brand new funk is on the agenda...we came back with it..as we take it there..

Citizens were dropping all around me like they were hit up by drones in Yemen!!  but actually its due to the toxic atmosphere!! 

Dealing with  Project For A New American Century residue and by products; paranoid?  naw!! but the threat was real! 

The American dream?  Century 21 or Citigroup won't cooperate!! even when I travel state to state the old school Buick Century broke down on I-85 outside of Charlotte!! these episodes are real!

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