Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Made Them Raise Up

It was like shots were fired....or like Syria chemical weapons were used....I made those jokers raise up! 

Hazardous material when Sonic Assaults are unleashed? as I beseeched one...a corrupt ones days are up!

As we move on up per Curtis Mayfield; not up like Lamar Odom on drugs....there's spiritual significance in this operation! 

Plus I'm not an ATL player rocking Steve Maddens or Stacy Adams with taps click clacking on the surface...playing the field;  this is a different operation! 

...said a prayer; style  like Robert Mugabe?  somewhat belligerent in the operation per the fashion and thought police? 

They were rocking old school mullets like an old episode of Cops;  please! 

New schoolers / scholars rocked the dreads all the way down to their back!!  dudes swing them like they're a lady!

 Abdullah's hustle was knocked by the Feds;  they were rude! said his import / export business was shady! 

Slick Rick the ruler type hustlers said they rocked!! but their game was Shady like Grady!

They even tried to play me but I made them raise up!! Janet Jackson types asked them..what have you done for me lately?

Those who supposedly had the word lied to me!!  but their days are up!

Its not the The World's End...I knew the devil was oppossed to me...I made him and his advocates raise up...

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